Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Know If Your Graphics Card Is Pci Or Agp

Identify the graphics card by which slot it occupies.

It is important to know what type of graphics card is attached to a computer before making the decision to upgrade. PCI cards will not fit into an AGP slot. The reverse is also true. Purchasing the wrong type of card is a mistake that can be avoided by simply opening the case and taking a look. Knowing what you're looking for is also important.


1. Turn off the computer. Once the power is shut off, disconnect the power cord.

2. Open the computer case to expose the motherboard. This requires a screwdriver in most instances.

3. Locate the central processing unit chip. This is the chip on the motherboard with a heat-sink and fan attached to it. If the motherboard has an AGP slot, it will be located beside the CPU. By industry standard, the plastic on this slot will be brown. The only use for an AGP slot is for a graphics card. If the monitor is attached to a card in this slot, the computer is using an AGP graphics card.

4. Locate the PCI slots on the motherboard. There are usually between one and four of these white or light tan colored slots. PCI slots can be used by a number of expansion board types. If the monitor is attached to a card in one of these slots, the computer is using a PCI graphics card.

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