Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Install A Socket 478 Cpu Fan

Install a Socket 478 CPU Fan

Central processing units are installed into the CPU socket on the motherboard. The socket type that your motherboard uses determines the processors that you are able to install on that particular motherboard. The socket 478 is an older socket type used by Intel's Pentium 4 and Celeron processors. The cooling system used for this CPU type consists of a heatsink and fan assembly that is not difficult to install or replace.


1. Switch off your computer and remove the power cable. Take off the cover of your computer case. Some computer cases do not have fastening screws and you can easily slide off the entire cover or one side. Other cases may require you to unscrew screws on the back of the computer case before sliding off the cover.

2. Find the fan on top of the socket 478 CPU. It should be fastened on top of the aluminum heatsink.

3. Disconnect the fan's power cable from the motherboard and make a note of the fan's power connection location. You will need to use this connection when installing the new fan and heatsink assembly.

4. Push the white plastic levers on the fan up, using your fingers or the flat-head screwdriver.

5. Locate the retention mechanism hooks. These hooks surround the CPU socket and hold the heatsink in place on top of the CPU. Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the small slot on the corners of the heatsink and press it down until it comes between the heatsink's clip frame latch. Start to turn the screwdriver towards the heatsink assembly to release the latch from the hook. Repeat this in every corner of the heatsink.

6. Twist the heatsink slowly to break any seal that the thermal paste may have between the CPU and the heatsink. Set the original heatsink assembly to one side.

7. Apply thermal paste, if needed, on top of the CPU. The heatsink may come with a thermal compound already applied to the bottom of the assembly. Remove the plastic film covering the already applied compound if this is the case.

8. Find the retention clips on each corner of the socket and align the heatsink and fan assembly's latches to the clips. Press the heatsink on top of the CPU to ensure the thermal compound is touching both heatsink and the CPU.

9. Press on the corners of the heatsink to latch it into the retaining assembly on the motherboard. Push the clip levers down one by one on each side of the heatsink. Plug the fan's power cable into the motherboard connector you noted earlier. Close the case and plug in the computer.

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