Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hook Up A Surround Sound System To A Computer

Hooking up a plug and play surround system to a computer takes a few minutes, but hooking up a surround system to a home theater takes more work. Computers are capable of providing better surround sound than most DVD players and are becoming a popular option for running complex home systems. Hooking up surround sound to a computer in a home theater takes time and some planning.


1. Install a surround sound capable audio card into an open PCI slot in the computer. Look for an audio card that has either an HDMI out, for audio and video, or a digital coax output.

2. Run an HDMI or coax digital cable between the output on the computer and the input on the surround sound capable receiver. Assign the correct input on the receiver per the manufacturer's instructions and play a DVD or CD to verify you have sound.

3. Insert an audio calibration disc into the DVD drive bay on the computer. Set the receiver's menu to the channel adjustments and start the calibration disc. Some receivers will make you exit the menu and go back in to adjust each channel level.

4. Turn on the analog sound meter, set it to "Slow" and "C" and take a seat in the middle of the listening area. Start the calibration disc and adjust each channel up and down until you get the same level on the meter from each. Set the subwoofer channel 10 decibels higher than the rest of the speakers and confirm the settings on the receiver.

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