Monday, 27 July 2015

Flash A Bios With Gigabyte

Flash a BIOS With Gigabyte

Updating your motherboard's BIOS can improve system stability and increase hardware compatibility.

The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is used by motherboards to detect and configure all the connected hardware.


Flashing through BIOS

1. Restart your computer.

2. Press the delete key as the computer is starting up to open BIOS.

3. Press F8 to open the built in BIOS flashing utility. A window asking for confirmation will pop up. Answer yes.

4. Select the "Load Main BIOS from Floppy" menu item and press enter. Depending on your BIOS version, this may alternatively read "Update BIOS from Floppy."

5. Select the BIOS file you want the system to update to and press enter. The system will ask for confirmation before performing the update.

6. Upon completion, the system will display a message confirming a successful flash. Press any key.

7. Press the Escape key and confirm you want to reset. The computer will reboot.

Flashing with @BIOS

8. Download the @BIOS program from GIGABYTE's website. (See "Resource" section for link.)

9. Disable all anti-virus programs and Intel hyper-threading technology.

Hyper-Threading can be disabled in your system's BIOS. Reference your GIGABYTE manual if you're not familiar with disabling Hyper-Threading.

If you have an Intel processor but are unsure if it supports this functionality, reference Intel's website to check your model's features. (See "Resource" section).

10. Install the @BIOS utility and start the program.

11. Click the "About this Program" button to ensure your motherboard supports being updated with @BIOS.

12. Click the "Save Current BIOS" button to save your current BIOS configuration in case a backup is needed.

13. Check off the "Internet Update" box.

14. Click the "Update New BIOS" button.

15. Select a server from the list that pops up and press OK.

16. Select the latest BIOS version in the next window. Be certain that your motherboard model is listed at the top; flashing the wrong BIOS will render your system unbootable. When you are sure, press OK.

17.Upon downloading the BIOS file, the program will ask "Do you want to Update the BIOS?" Press OK.

18. Once the BIOS is updated, a window will pop up confirming the process has finished. Press OK and exit the program.

19. Restart the computer.

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