Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Install The Webcam Driver Of An Msi Pr200

Install your webcam's drivers.

The MSI PR200 is a Windows-based laptop computer that comes with a built-in webcam at the top of the viewing monitor. This allows you to record video and take part in video chats without purchasing additional hardware. However, if the webcam driver has been removed from your computer, you must reinstall it, or the computer will not possess the ability to use the webcam.


1. Open your Web browser and navigate to the website. This is the home page for all the different products MSI produces. (Link provided in "Resources.")

2. Select your country.

3. Click "Go" to enter the site designed for your location. Choose "Support" followed by "Downloads" once the new screen loads.

4. Select the MSI PR200 as the computer you want drivers for, then scroll through the list until you find the webcam drivers. Click the "Download" link to download the webcam drivers to your computer.

5. Double-click the downloaded icon to launch the driver installation wizard. Follow the short set of prompts and the driver will install itself onto the computer. Once the installation is complete, you can begin using the built-in webcam on your MSI PR200 computer.

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