Friday, 31 July 2015

Know If A Computer Is Compatible With A Graphics Card

Sometimes your computer has something besides PCI, allowing for faster graphics cards.

Before you start a graphics upgrade, you need to know what kind of slots your computer has. If you don't want to go through this process, you can choose a PCI card, since it's compatible with virtually any computer. Because of PCI's undesirable slow speed, you should really check if your computer has an AGP or PCI-E slot where you can install a much higher performing video card. First, you have to learn to identify those slots or look through your computer's manual.


1. Remove all cables from your computer and turn it around so the back faces toward you.

2. Lay down the computer on its left side, leaving the right side facing up, and remove the screws attaching the right side panel to the case.

3. Remove the right side panel and have a look at the bottom rear area of your circuit board. Locate a group of slots that seem to be arranged a uniform distance from each other. If you see a larger slot above all the others, look around the slot to see the lettering written on your motherboard. Search for something along the lines of "AGP" or "PCI-E." If you find the lettering, you found what kind of graphics card your PC needs. If you can't find any lettering, you will have to look through your computer's manual or go the manufacturer's website for product specifications.

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