Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Install A Dell Motherboard

As your Dell computer gets older, you may want to upgrade its internal hardware components with newer replacements. If your motherboard does not have the expansion slots you need for a new graphics card or cannot handle any additional memory modules, you can install a new motherboard. Replacing the motherboard is an extensive process that will require removing several other components and you must also reinstall the operating system once the procedure is finished.


1. Power off the Dell computer and unplug its power cable. Disconnect each remaining cable for the monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer. Place the Dell computer case on its side so that the left access panel is facing you.

2. Push down the release latch at the bottom of the case and lift the access panel off the computer. Release the static electricity held in your body by touching a metal object that is connected to the floor.

3. Find the memory modules above the processor. Snap back the plastic hinges at the left and right sides of the memory modules. Lift the modules off the motherboard and set them outside the case.

4. Check to see if your Dell computer model has any PCI or AGP expansion cards installed at the lower-left end of the motherboard. Lift the cards off the motherboard and set them aside.

5. Disconnect the black cable running from the processor's cooling fan to the port on the motherboard. Snap back the plastic clip holding the cooling fan to the processor.

6. Remove the cooling fan. Lift the heat sink beneath the cooling fan off the processor and set it aside. Lift up the plastic retention arm that holds the processor to the motherboard port.

7. Grab two edges of the processor and lift it off the motherboard port. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to take out the six screws located along the edges of the motherboard.

8. Push the motherboard slightly forward to disconnect the expansion slots from the back of the Dell computer case. Lift the motherboard out of the case.

9. Set the new motherboard in place and line up the expansion slots with the corresponding holes on the case. Reconnect the processor, heat sink, cooling fan, memory modules and expansion cards.

10. Push the side access panel back into place. Reattach the power cable. Insert the operating system recovery disk that came with your Dell computer into the disk drive. Power on the computer and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the operating system.

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