Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Reset An Asus Bios Password To Factory Settings

Desktop and server computers utilizing an ASUS motherboard have many different configuration options available in the BIOS. You can set options for peripheral connectivity and motherboard features, such as enabling and disabling various ports, or set a BIOS password with the option of requiring the password for changing BIOS settings or for booting the computer. Reset an ASUS BIOS password back to the factory settings by using the "Clear CMOS" jumper on the motherboard.


1. Power off the computer and remove the power cord.

2. Remove the side cover of the computer case. Some cases use screws, while others have a lever on the back of the case.

3. Locate the "Clear CMOS" jumper. The jumper is usually located near the battery on the motherboard, and connects two out of a set of three pins.

4. Move the jumper to connect the other two out of the set of three pins together.

5. Move the jumper back to its original position.

6. Replace the computer's side cover.

7. Power on the computer.

8. Press the "Del" key to enter the BIOS and configure the appropriate settings for your particular computer.

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