Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Turn Off Hd Audio On An Ati 4670 Video Card

Newer graphic cards that at are capable of high definition video can also provide HD audio. The ATI 4670 video card is no exception, with an integrated audio controller that takes advantage of the plug and play capabilities of the Windows operating system. However, the integrated audio provided by the graphics card is not needed if there is another audio device that is being used by the computer. Turning off the audio on the ATI 4670 graphics card can be done by using the software provided by ATI.


1. Make sure that the ATI Catalyst Control Center has been installed. Look for the ATI icon on the desktop or click on Start, Programs, and select the Catalyst Control Center program group. Click on Catalyst Control Center to start the program.

2. Install the program if the ATI icon is not available on the desktop or the Catalyst Control Center program group is missing. The Catalyst Control Center program is located on the installation CD that came with the video card.

3. Insert the CD into the drive and the setup screen should appear. Make all of the necessary selections on each screen and the program will begin copying files to the system. When the program has finished there will be an icon for the Catalyst Control Center on the desktop.

4. Double click the ATI icon on the desktop to open the program. Click on the audio or HD settings tab near the top to access the audio options.

5. Find the option for HDMI audio and set it to disable. Click the Apply button at the bottom and then click the OK button to minimize the program to the taskbar. The HD audio on the sound card should now be turned off.

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