Friday, 3 July 2015

Return A Defective Graphics Card To Nvidia

Nvidia-licensed graphics cards are manufactured by a variety of companies.

Nvidia licenses its graphics technology to companies like Foxconn and Asus that design and produce graphics cards. If your Nvidia-based graphics card is defective or malfunctioning, you cannot return it to Nvidia. The manufacturer of the hardware is responsible for support and troubleshooting.


1. Find out who manufactured your graphics card. If you have the original packaging or documentation, look there. Otherwise, click "Start," "Control Panel," select "System," "Hardware" and then "Device Manager." Click the plus sign next to "Display Adapters" to fold down the menu. Your graphics card should be listed. Right-click it, then select "Properties" to bring up information about your graphics card.

2. Contact the manufacturer of your graphics hardware. On its support page, Nvidia provides web addresses for the support department of every company that manufactures Nvidia-based products (see Resources).

3. Follow the manufacturer's support procedures to return the defective hardware.

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