Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Troubleshoot Hp Sound

There are multiple steps to fix the sound on an HP computer system.

Sound problems are common with Hewlett Packard (HP) computers, as with any system. The issue may lie with a hardware problem, corrupted or missing software files, or loose or incorrect cord connections. Fortunately, most HP computers come with an easy-to-follow troubleshoot tool. If not, the Hewlett Packard website provides users with a similar software tool to pinpoint the problem with their sound. The following steps provide several solutions to getting quality sound on your HP computer.


Check All Speaker Connections

1. Thread all the cables on the back of your HP speakers through your hands to ensure there are no cuts, tears, or loose or broken wires. Replace any damaged speaker wires for safety purposes and to get the best sound quality on your HP system.

2. Check to see if all connections made between the speakers and the computer are secure. The speakers will contain one cable that will plug into an electrical outlet for power.

3. Examine your computer's sound card to ensure that it's properly inserted into your system. If needed, remove the sound card and install it into another computer to see if the problem is with the card itself.

Reinstall Sound Device Drivers

4. Click the "Start" button located on the bottom left of your computer's desktop. Select "All Programs" > "Hewlett Packard." Click "HP Pavilion PC Tools" from the sub-menu, then click "HP Application Recovery."

5. Select "Driver Installation" from the on-screen menu. Scroll through the list of available audio drivers and select the proper driver for your specific HP model. Click "Install" to restore the drivers back to their original factory settings. Check to see if the sound on your HP is now working. If not, continue on to step 3.

6. Navigate to the official Hewlett Packard website. Click the "Support & Drivers" link located on the top center of the welcome page. Select the first box on the page, titled "Drivers & Software." Enter the name of your specific HP model to locate the most current drivers for your sound device. Click "Download" to install the new driver(s) and to update your sound device. Check to see if the sound on your HP is now working. If not, continue on to step 4.

7. Click the "Support & Troubleshooting" link, which s located under the description of your current HP computer model. Select "Solve a Problem" and then "Sound and Microphone" from the list of available troubleshooting options. Follow the on-screen guide and select the problem you're having with your sound. For example, you may be hearing static sound from your HP speakers.

8. Play a sound file from your computer or insert a compact disk (CD) into the CD-Read Only Memory (ROM) drive to determine if the sound is working. Ensure that the volume is turned up and not muted. If problems persist, the sound card or speakers may need to be replaced.

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