Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Upgrade A Bios Without A Floppy Disk

Upgrading the BIOS keeps your computer in working order.

Keeping your BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) up-to-date helps prevent hardware and software conflicts when you upgrade computer components. Not all BIOS versions are compatible with all devices, so you may experience system issues if you don't have the latest BIOS. At one time a bootable floppy disk was required to update the BIOS, but computer manufacturers typically offer executable files instead due to the decline of floppy drives.


1. Locate the key or key combination your specific computer uses to access the BIOS. The key is listed in your computer's manual or through the manufacturer's support website.

2. Power off your computer. Turn the computer back on after the operating system has completely finished shutting off.

3. Press the key used to access the BIOS menu, such as "F10" or "Escape." Use the arrow keys to navigate to the "Main" tab in the BIOS menu.

4. Scroll down to the entry labeled "BIOS version," "BIOS revision" or a similar title. Write down the existing BIOS currently installed on your computer.

5. Exit the BIOS menu and restart the computer. With most computers you can press "F10" and choose "Yes," or you may instead need to scroll to "Save and Exit" and hit "Enter."

6. Navigate to the support website for your computer's manufacturer. Enter your computer's specific model number and navigate to the option to download the latest BIOS.

7. Scroll through the list of available BIOS downloads and check to see if there are any newer versions available than the version number you wrote down. Click the option to download the BIOS upgrade file. If more than one option is available, choose the executable option that does not require a floppy disk.

8. Double-click the file after it finishes downloading. Click "Next" and go through the installation prompts to upgrade your existing BIOS to the new version. Restart your computer when prompted.

9. Return to the BIOS menu by tapping the BIOS access key again. Press the key that loads your computer's default BIOS options, which is typically "F9." Scroll to the "Yes" option and tap "Enter" to verify the change.

10. Exit the BIOS and restart the computer to finish the upgrade process.

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