Friday, 3 July 2015

Set Up An Sli Bridge

Setting up an SLI bridge improves graphics performances.

A scalable link interface, sometimes called an SLI bridge, can improve graphics quality in computer builds, often drastically so. It is especially effective for high-end gaming computers that need all the video bandwidth they can get. Setting up SLI is pretty straightforward, but since it involves opening the computer case and installing new components, it seems more complicated than it really is.


1. Gather the components you'll need for the set up. In addition to two identical graphics cards, you will also need a power supply powerful enough to handle two performance graphics cards (it should be marketed as "SLI-Ready") and an SLI-compatible motherboard with two PCI Express x16 slots. You can make sure that all your components are SLI-compatible by looking on NVIDIA's Certified Products page (see Resources).

2. Open the computer case by unscrewing or unlatching its side panel to reveal the inner components.

3. Install the two identical graphics cards by inserting them into the two PCI Express x16 slots. They can only be installed one way, so that the ports face the back of the computer case and protrude through the metal slots.

4. Install the NVIDIA SLI connector to connect the cards. This tells them to run in SLI mode.

5. Connect power from the power supply to each video card, then close the case and latch or screw it shut again. Plug the monitor cord back in, along with any other plugs that needed to be unplugged for the installation process.

6. Boot the computer into Windows XP, Vista or 7. It should announce that new hardware has been installed.

7. Install any SLI software and drivers that came with the motherboard or graphics cards. These can also be downloaded from NVIDIA's website (see Resources).

8. Reboot the computer. Once it loads, you should get a message saying that the computer is now SLI-ready. Click on the dialog box to bring up the "SLI Configuration Window," then set SLI to "Enable" and click "Apply."

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