Monday, 20 July 2015

Install A Msi K9a2 Platinum Motherboard

If you are building a desktop computer, install the motherboard first. Your motherboard connects to your computer case via a series of screws. Your computer case has holes pre-drilled for mounting your motherboard. Your motherboard contains all the screws and brass stands required for mounting when you purchase it. The motherboard is grounded to the case via the brass stands and screws.


1. Turn your computer case on its right side.

2. Place your motherboard over your case. Note which holes on your motherboard align with the holes on your case. Your case will be compatible with many motherboard types, so noting the holes is essential. After you have noted the holes, set your motherboard aside.

3. Insert the brass stands into the holes you noted in step 2. The brass stands will be brass colored, and will be what your motherboard rests on. Tighten the brass stands with your fingers.

4. Place your motherboard on the brass stands. Align the holes in your motherboard with your brass stands.

5. Insert the screws that come with your motherboard into the brass stands. Do not fully tighten the screws until you have all of them in place.

6. Turn your case upright and make sure the motherboard is securely fastened.

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