Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Replace A Cpu Fan In A Hp N5470

Learn to replace your HP Pavilion n5470 laptop's CPU cooling fan.

Laptop CPU chips heat up when used for long periods of time. This is why all laptop's are designed with sophisticated cooling systems. Most CPU cooling systems are built with a dedicated cooling fan. If the cooling fan goes bad, your laptop may start to overheat. If your CPU overheats, it can cause irreversible damage to your motherboard and the surrounding hardware devices. In the event that your CPU's cooling fan malfunctions, you should replace it immediately to avoid serious damage to your laptop. Replacing the fan in your HP Pavilion n5470 requires complete disassembly.


1. Shut down your laptop through the Windows Start menu, and then close the LCD panel. Disconnect all cables from your laptop, and then place the laptop face down with the front of the laptop facing towards you. Remove the battery pack from the bottom casing of the laptop.

2. Remove all visible screws from the bottom casing of the laptop. Place the laptop vertically with the back panel of the laptop facing upwards. Remove the two Phillips-head screws from the back panel. Place the laptop so it is sitting flat.

3. Flip the laptop over and open the LCD panel as far as it will go. Use a small, flat-head screwdriver to pry off the plastic keyboard bezel between the keyboard and the LCD panel. Remove the bezel and set it aside. Remove the four Phillips-head screws from behind the top row of keys on the keyboard.

4. Grasp the top edge of the keyboard, tilt it upward, and then place it face down over the palm rest. Locate the keyboard ribbon cable on the bottom side of the keyboard, and then disconnect it from the motherboard. Remove the keyboard from the laptop.

5. Locate the LCD video cable extending from the left side of the LCD screen. Follow it to where it connects to the motherboard and disconnect it. Grasp the LCD screen with one hand, and then with your free hand remove the Phillips-head screws from each LCD hinge. Lift the LCD panel off of the laptop's base and set it aside.

6. Remove the Phillips-head screws from along the outer edges of the laptop's upper casing. Insert a credit card, or guitar pick into the crease separating the top casing from the bottom casing. Begin to pry up the upper casing from the bottom casing. Work your way around the entire circumference of the laptop until the top casing is completely separated from the laptop's base. Remove the upper casing and set it aside.

7. Locate the CPU fan in the upper left corner of the motherboard. Disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard, and then remove the four Phillips-head screws from the cooling fan assembly. Lift the CPU fan out of the motherboard and set it aside.

8. Repeat this procedure in reverse to install the replacement CPU cooling fan.

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