Thursday, 2 July 2015

Set Up A Fasttrak Tx200 Raid Card

You can install new hardware directly onto your computer system.

A FastTrak TX200 RAID card is an internally installed PCI card that adds additional power and speed to your computer's RAID hardware. This improves the hardware and connection speed of just about every device on your computer system (although it does take over one of the valuable PCI card slots on your system). The entire setup process only takes a handful of minutes and can be done even if you have never opened up your computer system before.


1. Power down the desktop computer and remove all cables connected to it. Once it is free of wires and cables, remove the Phillips screws along the back side of the case.

2. Slide the case open, then look towards the rear of the computer. This is where the motherboard is housed. Horizontal slots along the rear of the motherboard hold the additional hardware cards. These are the PCI card slots. Insert the FastTrak TX200 RAID card into one of the open slots.

3. Close the computer case, tighten the Phillips screws and plug the cables back into the system. Power on the computer and wait for the operating system to boot.

4. Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive, then follow the prompts of the installation wizard to completely install the driver and complete the RAID card setup.

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