Monday, 27 July 2015

Install Mobile Broadband To The Xps M1330

Mobile broadband is broadband connectivity "in the cellular environment," according to Virginia Tech University. Just as cellphones provided relief from wired telephones while still enabling high-quality communicability, mobile broadband offers much or less the same features in high-speed data. As opposed to other broadband connections, such as DSL and cable Internet, mobile broadband does not require you to rely on telephone line or cable for enjoying high speed Internet access. Mobile broadband is provided by cellular companies over their 3G phone networks. Small, portable modems are used for connecting to a mobile broadband connection. You can easily install your mobile broadband connection on your Dell XPS M1330 using a mobile broadband ExpressCard, which you can purchase with your connection from your cellular service provider or a computer store.


Install the ExpressCard

1. Hold the mobile broadband ExpressCard with the top of the card facing up.

2. Insert the card into the ExpressCard slot at the side of the laptop.

3. Slide the card inside and gently push until it cannot go any farther. Do not apply too much force if the card doesn't slide in. Take the card out and try inserting it the other way around.

Connect to Broadband Connection

4. Activate your mobile broadband service through your cellular service provider.

5. Click the "Start" menu, go to "All Programs" and select "Dell Wireless." This will launch the Dell Mobile Broadband Card Utility program. If it did not come preinstalled on your laptop, you can install it through the CD that came with your ExpressCard.

6. Click "Dell Wireless Broadband" and follow the instructions on the screen to connect to the broadband connection.

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