Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Install Geforce4 Mx440 Video Card

The GeForce4 Mx440 video card costs approximately $70. This device is an AGP 8x video support. It holds 64MB memory and 350MHz RAM speed. The GeForce4 Mx440 card has a resolution of 2048 by 1536 and supports S-video as well as composite video. NVIDIA is the manufacturer of the GeForce series. On-board video has a shared memory, which breaks the video into several groups. When you have a direct installation of a video card, you use the memory in one area. Most games and videos require at least a 64MB video card.


1. Open your tower by removing the screws on the right panel. Position the computer so you can work inside the case, facing upright.

2. Locate the "AGP" port. This is the "AGP" video slot. A thin port that allows you to insert a connection tab. Typically, this is higher on the motherboard, in the first position as well as a brownish color. Push the tab down on the end of the "AGP" port.

3. Line the GeForce4 Mx440 video card over the "AGP" slot. There are holes in the connect tab of the video card. The holes line up with the tabs inside the port. Push down when everything is correctly in line. The video card will snap into place and the end tab will close around the hook on the GeForce4 Mx440 video card.

4. Screw the video card into place. A hole is on the top bracket of the card. Line that up with the screw hole on the tower. Replace the panel. Hook all of the devices back into the case, including the monitor cable into the GeForce4 Mx440 video card. Turn on the PC.

5. Insert the video card driver disk. The disk should auto-play. If it does not, go into "My Computer" and click on your CD/DVD drive. Select the "Setup" application. Click the "Install Driver" option. Wait approximately 5 minutes, then reboot your computer.

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