Friday, 17 July 2015

Load An Ide Hard Drive On A Sata Motherboard

Use an adapter to connect an IDE hard drive to a SATA motherboard.

Newer computer have transitioned away from the older IDE hard drives to SATA hard drives. These drives use a different interface, which means they are not directly interchangeable. Fortunately, adapters allow you to easily load an IDE hard drive on a motherboard with only SATA ports. Install your older IDE drive to get access to your files, use as a back up drive, or just have some extra storage space.


1. Plug the IDE to SATA adapter into your IDE hard drive, where the data connector would normally go. Check that is firmly connected.

2. Slide the IDE hard drive into an open 3.5 inch bay and secure it with machine screws.

3. Connect one end the red SATA cable to the white square connector on the adapter. Connect the other end to the motherboard SATA port, which is a small, white square.

4. Plug an available four pin power connector into the IDE hard drive as per normal. The power connector will be on a ribbon connected to the power supply.

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