Thursday, 9 July 2015

Find Upgrades For My Motherboard

Computer motherboard

A motherboard is a basic internal part of the computer that connects everything together. The motherboard has circuitry built in on the board that it uses to let the different pieces of hardware communicate. A motherboard may just simply be a board for everything to connect to but, increasingly, motherboards have built-in devices such as video, sound and network capabilities. You can always upgrade your motherboard to a newer one but it may be costly.


1. Look at computer retailers online and locally for newer computer motherboards. Stores such as and Best Buy will carry motherboards. Some brand names of motherboards include Asus, Tyan and MSI.

2. Consider your needs when updating your motherboard. Determine if you want on-board video, sound or networking, or if you want to install these separately for more specialization. Determine how many PCI, SATA, Memory slots and other hardware capabilities you need on the motherboard.

3. Consider other items that you must replace. Motherboards only work with specific CPU types and only specific memory types. Find out the requirements of any motherboard you want to purchase and see if it will work with your current CPU and RAM. If not, consider that you will have to buy a new CPU and new RAM.

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