Friday, 10 July 2015

Identify Key Internal Controls

The key internal controls on a computer are all of the various hardware components that make up the inside of your machine. This can include your motherboard, your central processing unit, your random access memory and much more. If you want to identify each of these components in your computer and find out more information about them (including product names and model numbers), there is a native Windows application that you can use.


1. Click "Start."

2. Click "All Programs."

3. Click "Accessories."

4. Click "System Tools."

5. Click "System Information." Once the "System Information" window is open, click "Components" from the left side of the screen. This will reveal a number of subcategories that organize the listings for the internal controls of your machine. Click on a subcategory to view the listings for the internal controls contained inside it. Click on the listing for an internal control to view all of the relevant identification information about that particular device that is stored in the Windows operating system.

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