Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Disable The Overheating Sensor In The Ps3

The internal components of a PS3 console generate heat, which can damage the delicate technology of the CPU and motherboard. The heat sensor measures the temperature in the console and automatically activates the internal fans to keep everything cool. If your heat sensor is malfunctioning, you can disconnect it so that it stops placing error messages on the screen.


1. Turn off the PS3 and disconnect all the wires, including the power cord.

2. Remove the rubber cap on the top left area of the console to access the screw securing the case.

3. Remove the screw and pull the top of the case away from the body of the console. Remove the seven screws that secure the internal metal casing and pull it out of the console to access the disc drive.

4. Remove the six screws securing the disc drive to the rest of the console. Carefully pull the disc drive out of the drive and disconnect the cable coming from the partially exposed motherboard.

5. Remove the six screws securing the metal casing over the motherboard and pull the casing and the motherboard out of the console. The cooling system is attached to the motherboard.

6. Remove the four screws securing the fan to the rest of the cooling system. The heat sensor is under the fan.

7. Disconnect the wires connecting the heat sensor to the motherboard to disable it.

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