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Install An Integrated Motherboard Network Driver

Install an Integrated Motherboard Network Driver

Network interface cards (NICs), also called Ethernet adapters, are hardware devices that allow computers to communicate through Ethernet cables. NICs are commonly used to connect computers to the Internet. Many NICs are designed as expansion cards that plug into a computer's motherboard, but some motherboards have NICs built in, which are known as on-board or integrated network cards. Regardless of what type of NIC you use, your hard drive typically must have driver software installed so that your operating system can recognize and use the network card.


Install from a CD

1. Insert the motherboard driver CD that came with your computer.

2. Run the installer contained on the CD. It may launch automatically when you insert the CD; if not, click "Start," "Computer," and then double-click on the disk in the list.

3. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard by clicking "Next" when appropriate and selecting the features you wish to install when prompted. Restart your computer when installation is complete.

Install Drivers with Device Manager

4. Click "Start," right-click "Computer," select "Manage," click "Device Manager," and then double-click on "Network Adapters." If your network device is not functioning properly, it may be listed under "Other Devices," instead of "Network Adapters."

5. Right-click on your network adapter, select "Properties," and then click the "Driver" tab.

6. Click "Update Driver," then choose "Search automatically for updated driver software," and choose to install any driver software that your computer discovered. Restart your computer when installation is complete.

Download and Install Drivers

7. Go to the website of your computer or motherboard manufacturer and locate their driver support and download area. For example, if you own a Dell computer, go to Dell's official website and then click the "Drivers and Downloads" link. You can determine your motherboard model by using a freeware program called CPU-Z (see Resources for link). Simply install the program, run it and click the main board tab, to determine your motherboard model.

8. Download a driver installer for your integrated network card. Computer and motherboard manufacturers allow users to search and download drivers based on their computer or motherboard models. For example, if you have a Dell computer, on their driver support page click "Select Model," specify your computer model using the lists that appear, click "Go," open the "Network" group and then click the "Download" link next to one of the network drivers.

9. Run the driver install .exe file that you download by double-clicking on it, and then follow the instructions of the driver setup wizard to complete installation. Restart your computer when prompted.

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