Thursday, 25 September 2014

Install A Modem In A Soltek Slb7af

The Soltek SL-B7A-F is a Socket 462 motherboard that features an ATX form factor, support for up to six USB ports, integrated AC97 audio chipset, on-board Nvidia GeForce4 MX graphics and two RAM slots, designed for up to 1 GB of DDR SDRAM. The motherboard also includes a single 32-bit PCI expansion slot, suitable for add-on devices such as PCI-compatible fax modem. Installing a fax modem on your Soltek SL-B7A-F computer mainboard does not require any specialized tools or technical knowledge.


1. Turn off the computer system. Disconnect the power cable from the rear of the computer. Disconnect any devices connected to the computer.

2. Place the computer on a non-conductive work surface.

3. Remove the left-side panel cover from the computer chassis. Certain computer cases may feature a one-piece design, requiring you to remove several screws, located at the rear, using a Phillips head screwdriver. Other computer designs may use small thumb screws to secure the left-side panel or one-piece cover to the chassis.

4. Examine the inside of the computer and locate the small expansion slot cover on the rear of the chassis, directly in front of the yellow, rectangular-shaped PCI expansion slot. Remove the small screw that secures the expansion slot cover to the chassis; lift out the cover to make room for the modem.

5. Remove the modem from the anti-static packaging. Be careful not to touch the circuits or metal contacts on the modem; hold the modem by the side and L-shaped bracket.

6. Seat the modem into the yellow-colored PCI expansion slot. Make sure the modem's L-shaped bracket hole lines up with the threaded hole for the expansion slot opening on the computer case chassis.

7. Replace the expansion slot screw to secure the modem to the chassis. Replace the case cover.

8. Reconnect the power cord and peripheral devices to the computer.

9. Start the computer and allow the operating system to load. Insert the modem software driver installation disc or diskette into the appropriate drive.

10. Run the software setup program and follow the installation prompts. Restart the computer to complete the installation process, if necessary.

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