Thursday, 25 September 2014

Remove A Socket 478 Cpu

A 478 socket CPU is a central processing unit that uses the 478 socket connector. The socket is labeled "478" because the processor that fits in the connector has 478 pins. The pins enable your processor to relay information back and forth with your motherboard. Your processor connects to your motherboard via the pins on the bottom of it. If you are upgrading your processor, remove your old CPU before you install your new one.


1. Turn off your computer and remove the power cord from the back of your PC.

2. Remove the two screws that secure the side of your computer case, then remove the case.

3. Disconnect the cord extending from your heat sink that connects to your motherboard.

4. Lift up on the retention clip located on the left side of your heat sink. The clip on the right side will loosen.

5. Gently pull your heat sink away from your processor.

6. Lift up the lever on the left side of your 478 socket CPU.

7. Pull the processor carefully out of its chamber.

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