Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Replace A Chip On A Nintendo Ds Lite Motherboard

Getting ready to open your DS.

If you know a little something about electronics and think there might be a problem with one of the chips on your Nintendo DS Lite's motherboard, you can access it and fix the problem. After disassembling your DS Lite, you'll be able to access the motherboard and diagnose any problems with--and replace--any chips on the board. The process does require some concentration, but it's relatively straightforward and shouldn't take much time.


1. Turn off your DS Lite, close the screen and place it face down on a sturdy work space.

2. Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the single screw holding the battery compartment cover in place. Lift off the cover and remove the battery.

3. Use your screwdriver to remove the six screws on the bottom side of the DS Lite, as well as the two screws located inside the battery compartment.

4. Insert the tip of your case opener tool in the seam between the bottom panel of the DS Lite and the body of the device.

5. Work your way around the seam until the bottom panel separates from the DS Lite. Set it aside. The green circuit board will now be visible in the DS Lite.

6. Locate the black chip on the motherboard that you would like to replace and use your soldering iron to desolder each silver chip connector pin from the base of the motherboard. Set the chip aside.

7. Replace the old chip with a new one and solder the connector pins to the connectors on the circuit board.

8. Reassemble the DS in the reverse order you took it apart.

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