Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stop The Echo On An Asus Eee Netbook

The ASUS Eee PC has an integrated audio card that enables the netbook to output sound. The audio card comes with a device driver that enables the computer to send instructions to the card. If the audio echos on the ASUS Eee netbook, the device driver for the integrated card could be defective. Some ASUS Eee PCs also come with a special audio software, called SRS Premium Sound, that can change the quality of the sound output on the netbook. To stop the echo on the Eee PC, troubleshoot the device driver and the audio software on the computer.


1. Hold down the Windows logo key and press "R." Type "devmgmt.msc" into the dialog box and press "Enter" to open Device Manager.

2. Click the arrow button next to "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" to view the add-on cards. Double-click the sound card.

3. Go to the "Driver" tab. Write down the driver date and driver version. If the echo on the ASUS Eee netbook began after upgrading the driver or running Windows Update, click "Roll Back Driver" and follow the onscreen directions.

4. Go to ASUS Support if the driver rollback did not work or if the option is not available. Click "Download," then click "Start" from beneath "Model Automatic Detection." ASUS Support will detect your product model and take you to the download page.

5. Expand "AUDIO." Check the date of the driver; if the driver on the website is newer than the driver on the computer, click "Global" and download the file to the computer. Double-click the file when the download is complete. If the driver is not a new release, click "Uninstall" in the driver properties in Device Manager, then restart, to reinstall the sound card.

6. Double-click the "ASUS Audio" folder, then double-click the setup.EXE file to run the installer. Follow the on-screen directions to uninstall the current driver.

7. Restart when the driver uninstallation is complete, then relaunch setup.EXE to complete the upgrade.

8. Check the audio on the ASUS Eee netbook to see if the echo persists. If the sound on the computer still echos, click "Start," then input "SRS" into the search box. Click "SRS Premium Sound."

9. Click the On/Off button to turn off SRS Premium Sound. Test the audio. If the echo is gone, a setting in SRS Premium Sound is causing the problem. If the echo still exists, click "Start," then type "sound" into the search box.

10. Select "Sound" from beneath "Control Panel" in the search results. Select the "Speakers" option on the "Playback" tab, then click "Properties."

11. Select the "Enhancements" tab, then check "Disable All Sound Effects." Check "Apply." Test the audio. If the echo is gone, a sound effect in "Speaker Properties" is affecting the audio output. If the echo is still there, contact ASUS for more assistance.

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