Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Replace A Toshiba A75 Laptop Motherboard

Replace a Toshiba A75 Laptop Motherboard

Motherboards are the internal component of the laptop that is responsible for the things you see on the screen. If a motherboard is damaged or becomes nonfunctional, your laptop is not going to work properly. You can choose to buy another laptop, or if the rest of your laptop's internal functions are in good working order, you can save money by simply installing a replacement motherboard yourself.


1. Purchase the replacement motherboard online or at any store where Toshiba laptops are sold. Make sure the motherboard is compatible for use on a Toshiba A75 laptop--not every motherboard will fit properly.

2. Flip the laptop over and use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew all of the screws that hold the body together. Make sure to unscrew any screws located on the back of the laptop near the power outlet that hold the screen in place.

3. Locate and remove the hard drive from its port. There will be a small hard drive symbol engraved on the laptop body where the hard drive is located. This is in the middle of the laptop directly in front. Remove the hard drive's plastic housing and unscrew the screw from each corner. Slide the hard drive out of the laptop and set it aside.

4. Lift up on the laptop screen until both silver pegs that keep the screen upright are removed from the circular holes in which they are located. Make sure not to pull up so hard that you disconnect the two wires that lead from the screen to the laptop body. After the screen is set aside, carefully separate the two plastic halves of the laptop's body to expose the internal components.

5. Unscrew the silver metal plate that protects the motherboard. Once you are looking at the flat, green structure that is the motherboard, unscrew any screws that hold it in place. Make a special note of where everything is connected to the motherboard before disconnecting it. It is recommended that you take a picture of the motherboard so you have something to refer back to when reconnecting the new motherboard.

6. Disconnect the motherboard from all of its connections and replace it with the new motherboard. There should be a white telephone-like jack that needs to be disconnected from the motherboard before the new one is installed. Once the new motherboard is in place, reconnect everything in exactly the same way that you disconnected it by going back through the steps in reverse order.

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