Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fit New Motherboards In An Hp Computer

Installing a new motherboard into an HP computer is much easier than it seems. HP computers are built just like any other computer, except that they are tailored to make all of the parts in the PC function specifically for a particular need, such as a multimedia computer, gaming computer or business computer. HP also makes its own cases. However, this does not change the way a motherboard is installed into the computer.


1. Make sure that the motherboard that you are planning to fit into your HP computer is compatible with the parts inside it. You can check this on the motherboard manufacturer's site or on the motherboard's package.

2. Place your HP computer onto a nonmetal surface. Avoid carpet flooring, as that creates static electricity, which can destroy your motherboard. Stand on your antistatic mat and put on your antistatic bracelet.

3. Remove the screws holding both side panels and take the side panels off the case. Disconnect all the cables that are connected to the current motherboard. Go to the right side panel and unfasten all the screws holding up the current motherboard. Do not let the current motherboard drop when unfastening the last couple of screws. Gently remove the current motherboard from the computer and place it on a nonmetal surface.

4. Lay the computer onto its right side and place the replacement motherboard inside the case. Align the screw holes on the replacement motherboard so that they match the screw holes on the motherboard tray. Fasten the replacement motherboard to the case so that it firmly holds onto the side. Connect all the necessary cables to the replacement motherboard. Attach the side panels to the case and turn on the computer.

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