Friday, 12 September 2014

Install An Amd X2 Heat Sink With Clips On A Motherboard

Installing a new processor is an ideal computer upgrade. All processors emit heat while in operation, and so a heat sink is required to cool them down, maintaining system stability and prolonging the life of the computer system. AMD processors feature a clipping system to secure the heat sink to the motherboard, ensuring good thermal contact with the CPU.


1. Apply thermal paste to the processor. This ensures the heat sink and processor have good thermal contact.

2. Align the heat sink with the two brackets either side of the processor. The two grooves along the heat sink, which the clip will slot into when attached, should line up with two brackets on the motherboard.

3. Sit the heat sink on top of the processor.

4. Hook one end of the clip under the bracket to the right of the heat sink.

5. Lay the clip across the heatsink, making sure it falls into the grooves.

6. Hook the other side of the clip under the bracket to the left of the heat sink.

7. Apply pressure to the the lever attached to the clip. This will click into place when pushed down flat.

8. Wipe away any thermal compound that might have squeezed out while securing the heat sink.

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