Monday, 15 September 2014

Replace A Dell Dimension Motherboard

Replacing your Dell Dimension's motherboard requires that you completely dismantle your computer.

Your motherboard is the main circuit board where all hardware and devices connect with your computer. Replacing your Dell Dimension's motherboard is a challenging task, as with any computer. It requires that you completely dismantle your computer and disconnect all hardware from the motherboard. Though most motherboards are built for flexibility and durability, you can still easily damage your motherboard further during the removal procedure if you're not careful.


1. Shut down the desktop through the operating system. Disconnect its power cable and all external devices. Orient the computer with the back panel---the location of all the ports and connectors---facing you.

2. Lay the computer tower horizontally on its left side. Remove the screws from the back panel's upper and lower corners with your Phillips-head screwdriver. (These screws secure the side access panel to the computer.) Grasp the right side access panel and pull it away from the computer until you can see the contents. Set the access panel to the side.

3. Place the computer tower vertically. Locate the release lever near the top of the front panel. This lever secures the front panel in place. Push on this lever, then use a flat-head screwdriver to disengage the three locking tabs along the front panel's right side. Rotate the front panel away from the computer.

4. Locate the floppy drive attached to the front of the computer's casing. Disconnect the data and power cables from the rear of the drive. Remove the Phillips-head screws from each side of the drive. Grasp the drive, and pull it out of its compartment.

5. Lay the computer on its left side again. Locate the PCI cards attached to the computer's back panel. Remove each card's single retaining Phillips-head screw. Grasp each card and pull straight up to disengage each card from its connector on the motherboard.

6. Disconnect all visible cables from the motherboard, while taking note of how and where they are connected. Locate the fan air duct near the center of the motherboard. Disconnect the fan's power cable extending from the fan to the motherboard. Grasp the air duct, and lift it until you've brought it to the upright position, revealing the heat sink assembly.

7. Disengage the locking tab on the bottom side of the heat sink. Tilt the heat sink upward, and remove it from the motherboard. Locate the cooling fan attached to the computer's back panel. Lift straight up on the locking lever situated to the left side of the fan. Remove the fan from the computer.

8. Remove the 12 remaining Phillips-head screws that secure the motherboard to the computer's casing. Carefully remove the motherboard from the computer, and set it aside.

9. Reverse this procedure to install the new motherboard.

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