Monday, 8 September 2014

Install A Pentium D Processor

You don't usually have to remove your motherboard to install a new processor.

Installation of an Intel Pentium D processor need not be complicated. Follow the same basic installation procedures to install a Pentium D processor as you would to install other desktop processors. Remove the computer power, access the processor slot, and install the new processor and heatsink.


The Intel Pentium D is designed for desktop computers and will fit into motherboards with the LGA 775 processor socket. It is a dual-core processor with clock speeds up to 3.6 GHz.


Shut down the computer and gain adequate access to the processor socket (follow directions in your computer's operator manual to access the socket). Handle the processor carefully without touching any contacts and press it straight down into the socket. Secure the processor by closing the load lever.


Make sure your motherboard is compatible with the Pentium D processor. You may also need to update the motherboard BIOS. In addition, take care to install the fan and heatsink properly.

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