Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Replace A Motherboard In A Dell Dimension 9200

Learn to replace the motherboard in a Dell Dimension 9200 desktop.

Replacing your computer's motherboard is not a task that should be taken lightly. Your computer's motherboard is the main circuit board where all of your hardware devices connect to your computer. Gaining access to your Dell Dimension 9200 desktop's motherboard requires the complete disassembly of your computer's outer casing. Additionally, you must remove all of your desktop's hardware devices, all of which are easily damaged if not handled appropriately and carefully. Replacing the motherboard yourself may terminate your warranty agreement. If at all possible, consult a seasoned computer repair technician before attempting to replace your motherboard.


1. Turn off the computer and disconnect all cables and devices including the power cable, monitor cable, external hard drives and modems. Attach an ESD (electro-static discharge) wrist strap to your wrist and then attach the wire clip extending from the strap to the outer chassis of the computer. This helps prevent damage and electric shock caused by dormant static electricity.

2. Place the computer on its side and push on the side access panel's locking button on the top panel of the computer. Remove the side access panel from the computer.

3. Locate the RAM modules on the motherboard. Press on the locking latches on either side of each RAM module. Remove each module from their respective memory slots. Store the modules in static-free plastic bags to prevent them from being damaged.

4. Locate the video card on the back panel of the computer. Remove the single Phillips screw securing the video card to the back panel. Lift the video card straight up until it is disconnected from the video card slot on the motherboard. Remove the video card from the computer.

5. Locate the hard drive in the drive bay attached to the front panel of the computer. Locate the data and power cables attached to the back of the hard drive. Follow the cables to where they connect to the motherboard. Disconnect the cables from the motherboard. Push on the retaining tabs securing the hard drive to the hard drive bay. Remove the hard drive from the computer and set it aside. Repeat this step for each drive you remove from the hard drive bay.

6. Locate the heat sink and cooling fan assembly on your motherboard. Remove the two screws attaching the fan and heatsink assembly to the motherboard. Carefully twist the heatsink and fan assembly toward the rear panel of the computer, then lift it out of the computer. Place it carefully aside. Disconnect all visible cables from the motherboard. Take note of where they are connected on the motherboard for when you install the new motherboard.

7. Remove the 10 screws securing the motherboard to the computer's casing. Slide the motherboard toward the front panel of the desktop. Lift the motherboard out of the computer and set it aside carefully.

8. Repeat this procedure in reverse order to install the new motherboard and reassemble the laptop.

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