Monday, 8 September 2014

Replace The Processor In An Hp Pavilion A1730n

A new processor makes almost any computer faster, especially when you run multiple applications that put heavy requests on your CPU. Your HP Pavilion A1730N has a Socket AM2 motherboard; in order to replace it, you must get an AM2 processor. You can use the existing cooling fan on your new processor as long as you clean it up a bit first.


1. Turn off your computer and disconnect its cables. Turn it around so the rear faces towards you.

2. Remove the screws on the computer's right edge and free the right panel, exposing your computer's interior.

3. Put your fingers around the clip for your CPU fan and push the top of the clip towards the fan until the clip frees. Remove the fan and wipe the bottom clean with a disposable cloth.

4. Lift the lever situated next to your processor and pull the processor out.

5. Put your new processor in, with the small golden arrow on the corner matching the arrow on the socket. Press the lever down.

6. Spread a small amount of thermal grease around the processor until it covers the entire surface.

7. Place the fan on top of the processor carefully to align the clips to the plastic around the socket. Hook the lower clip onto one of the sides and push down on the upper clip until it snaps on. Connect your processor fan to the small 4-pin connector labeled "CPU_FAN" on your motherboard.

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