Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Use Radeon Crossfire

A feature on many ATI graphics cards is CrossFire, the process of linking two graphics cards together to increase your video card power. CrossFire is used primarily in video games, where the power of your video card is used to determine the quality of in-game graphics and effects. Use the CrossFire bridge connector, which comes with every ATI CrossFire compatible video card and the included video card setup CD to get CrossFire running on your PC.


1. Turn off your computer and unplug its components from the back.

2. Open your computer case. Since every case is different, consult your PC or case manual for instructions on open it.

3. Unscrew the metal bracket next to the slot you will be placing the video card. Place the screw in a safe location.

4. Connect the video card to the appropriate spot on your motherboard. For example, if your video card is a PCI-Express card, insert the video card into an available PCI-Express slot on your motherboard. These slots are generally labeled on the motherboard itself.

5. Replace the screw to keep the video card secure.

6. Repeat the process for the second video card.

7. Attach the CrossFire bridge connector to both video cards. Align the tab on both sides of the bridge connector with the golden tabs on the top of each video card. Firmly press down on the bridge connector until it clicks into place on each card.

8. Close your computer case and reconnect everything back into your computer. Connect your monitor cable into either of the available video cards; it doesn't matter which one.

9. Turn on your PC. Insert your first video card's setup disc and follow the prompts to install the drivers. Repeat for the second video card.

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