Monday, 1 September 2014

Replace A Ddr2 With A Ddr3 Gpu

Replacing DDR2 memory can improve your graphics performance.

Double Data Rate Random Access Memory (DDR RAM) is the industry standard for computer memory. There are different versions of DDR. Each new version of memory increases the random-access speed and performance. Generally speaking, the higher the DDR version, the faster the memory. For example, DDR3 is faster than DDR2. If you want to upgrade your Graphics Processing Unit from DDR2 to DDR3 memory, you must purchase a graphics card that has DDR3 memory.


1. Remove the case door on your computer by unscrewing the screws located on the rear of the PC. Most computer case doors simply slide out after they have been unscrewed.

2. Attach the anti-static wrist strap to your wrist. The wrist strap has a long wire attached to it, ending in an alligator clip. Clip this wire to any bare metal inside your computer case. You will greatly reduce the chance of damaging your computer due to static electricity discharge.

3. Turn on the flashlight or place the computer in a well-lit environment. Locate the current graphics card. These cards are usually placed in the expansion slot closest to the CPU. The graphics card has a video cable that connects to the monitor.

4. Remove the cable from the graphics card port.

5. Unscrew the graphics card from the computer case. There will be one screw holding it in place, located on the rear of the computer case. Once you remove this screw, remove any power cables that might be attached to your card. Not all graphics cards have power cable attachments. Slide out the graphics card in one smooth motion and set it aside.

6. Place the new graphics card inside the empty graphics card slot. Press it in gently until it snaps into place.

7. Attach any power cables that your new graphics card might require. Refer to your graphics card installation manual for guidance.

8. Insert a screw into the graphics card and fasten it in place.

9. Attach the video cable to the graphics card port to complete the installation.

10. Replace the computer case door and screw it back in. Your graphics card has now been upgraded to utilize DDR3 memory.

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