Friday, 19 September 2014

The Specs Of An Asus P4pe Motherboard

The motherboard is the brain of a computer.

According to, the Asus P4PE is an 845PE chipset board that supports DDR333 and Hyper Threading technology. This motherboard offers a number of options for upgrading and expansion.

Processor and Memory

The Asus P4PE motherboard has a default clock speed of 2005 MHz. It supports DDR SDRAM and clock speeds of 200, 266 and 333. There are three memory slots. The motherboard can support up to 3 GB of RAM.


The motherboard is fashioned with six PCI slots and six USB 2.0 (high-speed) ports. The Broadcom BCM5702CKFB Ethernet component is available and can support LAN connections.


Adjustable AGP voltage and adjustable memory voltage are both available with this motherboard.


The motherboard does not feature auto speed-down or shutdown if the fan fails or if the heat alarm is activated. It also does not feature active cooling on the chipset.

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