Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Install A Socket 939 Cpu

Install a Socket 939 CPU

Socket 939 is a central processing unit (CPU) socket used for certain 64-bit AMD processors. The CPUs used in this socket were from the Athlon 64, Sempron and Opteron lines. This socket, used in AMD's second generation of 64-bit processor, was introduced in 2004. The installation process for this CPU is straightforward for someone who's experienced, but it will be challenging if you are not familiar with CPU installation or working inside your computer case.


1. Turn off your computer and remove the power cord from the back of the case.

2. Remove the case cover from your computer tower. You will have to unscrew it, remove thumbscrews or slide a panel off the case to get inside the tower, depending on the computer's case style. Set the case cover aside.

3. Remove the current heatsink assembly by pulling the black plastic lever on the side of the heatsink fan towards you. Press down on the metal clip to detach it from the plastic housing surrounding the CPU. Repeat this process on the other side of the heatsink. Disconnect the heatsink fan's power cable from the motherboard. Lift the heatsink and set it aside.

4. Press the metal lever on the right side of the CPU up. Pull the current CPU out of the socket. Insert the new Socket 939 CPU into the socket and lower the lever. Align the triangle on the CPU with the triangle on the CPU socket if you are unsure of the correct CPU orientation.

5. Check the bottom of the heatsink to see if the thermal paste is in good condition. If there are any burn marks or dark brown spots in the paste you will need to add paste prior to installing the heatsink. Spread a pea-sized amount of thermal paste on top of the processor.

6. Hook the metal heatsink clip onto the plastic retaining clip. Press down on the metal clip on the other side of the heatsink to attach it to the other plastic clip. The heatsink should be flush against the processor. Reattach the heatsink fan's power supply to the power connector you removed it from in step 3. Put the computer case cover on.

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