Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Find A Missing Asus Acpi Driver

ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. Your computer's ACPI helps regulate a variety of power and system functions. Like any component on your computer, it has its own set of drivers. Without the appropriate drivers, the ACPI might malfunction. If you use an ASUS-brand computer and are missing critical ACPI drivers, you can find new ones on the ASUS website.


1. Navigate to the ASUS homepage,

2. Highlight the "Services" option with your mouse.

3. Click "Support" > "Download."

4. Click the "Start" button under the "Select Model Manually" option.

5. Click on your product type from the Product and Series columns. Click on the model of your computer and the operating system you are using in the Model column.

6. Click "Confirm."

7. Click on the plus sign next to the option "ATK."

8. Click on one of the download links for your ACPI driver to download the driver to your machine. If a variety of ACPI drivers are displayed, pick the one with the most recent date.

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