Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Find Out The Usb Driver For My Computer

A driver is a program that is designed to tell your operating system the best way to communicate with a particular device. A number of crucial drivers are required on virtually every system, including the video driver, the audio driver, the network card driver and the USB driver. If you need to reinstall your USB driver after a system restore or other event, there are a few easy steps you can take to locate it.


1. Find the make and model number of your motherboard--the guts of your computer. Locate this by looking through your computer operating manual or contacting your PC manufacturer. Write down the exact number, as USB drivers will be exclusive to your particular motherboard.

2. Go online to the home page for your motherboard manufacturer (e.g., ASUS, Abit, Intel) and head to the support page. The support page will contain all of the documentation that should have shipped with your PC along with all of the necessary files to utilize the hardware.

3. Go to the downloads page, and input your motherboard's model number to find the particular USB driver that will work with your computer. Download and save the file to disk or USB drive for safekeeping.

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