Friday, 12 September 2014

Flash A Bios File On A Asus M3a

Your BIOS can be flashed by special software from the manufacturer.

The ASUS M3A motherboard, like all motherboards, is controlled by the BIOS (basic input/output system) , a piece of software code that is written onto a read-only memory (ROM) chip on the board. Since a ROM chip cannot simply be written and erased like the information on your hard drive, in order to upgrade the BIOS you will need special software from the manufacturer to "flash" the BIOS, which means to erase it with a forced charge, and then rewrite it.


1. Visit the ASUS support site at and download the BIOS update specific to your M3A motherboard.

2. Close all applications and programs on your computer before you begin. Double-click on the downloaded file in order to begin the BIOS flashing process.

3. Follow the steps presented in the software to flash your BIOS. Do not interrupt the process by turning your computer off or you will render your system inoperable. After the BIOS has been flashed, your computer will automatically restart itself with the new software.

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