Friday, 5 September 2014

Replace A Dell Dimension 3000 Motherboard

The Dell Dimension 3000 must be disassembled to replace the motherboard.

There's a reason why Dell advises people to send their computers in if the motherboard fails--replacing it is a tough job and the computer can be rendered useless if something goes wrong. To replace the motherboard on the Dell Dimension 3000 (and on any other computer, desktop or laptop), you have to disassemble the entire system. The components on this specific computer are easy to remove as none of them are screwed to the motherboard--release latches allow for easy disassembly. This job can take awhile, so take a break once you get the old motherboard out so you don't make mistakes when you put the new one in.


1. Save all the important documents and files on the computer to a removable media device such as a USB drive or a CD.

2. Eject any devices in the optical or floppy drives.

3. Shut down the computer and disconnect the power cable and all the peripheral devices connected to it.

4. Move the computer to an open space and lay it on its side with the cover facing upward.

5. Locate the cover release latch in the middle part of the back of the computer and press it. While you press it, pull the cover toward the back of the computer to disengage the tabs in the front. Remove the cover to expose the interior components.

6. Press in the release lever on the side of the floppy drive cage and push in the tab at the base of the computer until the front panel swings out. Take the front panel off the computer.

7. Disconnect the cables from the drives on the computer.

8. Extract the screws that secure the drives in their brackets and pull them out of the front of the computer.

9. Locate the memory module area at the top of the computer and remove the memory module(s). To take a module out, spread the tabs on both sides of the connector and pull it straight out.

10. Locate the expansion card compartment on the rear interior wall of the computer (the card slots are visible from the back of the computer) and remove the expansion cards. Just unplug any cables that go from the cards to the motherboard, extract the screws on the brackets and pull the cards straight out of their ports.

11. Disconnect all the cables from the motherboard. Be sure to remember where the cables go, because they have to be replaced exactly as they were when you install the new motherboard.

12. Lift up the fan shroud and press in the release lever on the fan assembly. Pull the assembly out of the computer.

13. Lift the heat sink beneath it out of its retainer. Pull out the tab on the retainer and rock the heat sink until it's free. Now the processor is exposed.

14. Lift the release lever on the processor and remove the processor cover.

15. Lift the processor straight out of its connector.

16. Extract the 12 screws that secure the motherboard to the computer. Four of the 12 screws secure the heat sink retainer to the motherboard. The other screws are located all around the motherboard.

17.Lift the motherboard out of the computer.

18. Lay the new motherboard in the computer.

19. Follow the instructions in reverse order to reassemble the computer.

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