Monday, 22 September 2014

Find Motherboards On A Netbook

Netbooks are effectively miniaturized laptop computers with more specialized components to cut down on space and power requirements. Finding out what sort of motherboard and motherboard chipset you have in your netbook can be done using third-party software. On a desktop computer, you can simply open up the case and look at the motherboard name and manufacturer written on the motherboard, but this is rarely practical on a netbook, and attempting to do so could void your warranty. Knowing what motherboard your netbook has is important in the case of upgrades, repairs and replacements.


1. Download "CPU-Z." This is a simple freeware utility that provides important system information that other system information utilities do not. Install the program once the download is complete.

2. Start up CPU-Z from the "CPUID" menu in "Start Menu - All Program."

3. Click the "Mainboard" tab in the CPU-Z window when it starts up. You should be able to do this almost immediately, because the program does not need to scan over your system hardware first. On this page, you will find the motherboard manufacturer, model number and chipset type. Since this is a netbook computer, the motherboard manufacturer will usually be the same as the netbook manufacturer since netbook motherboards are designed for specific models, as is the case with laptop computers.

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