Friday, 26 September 2014

Use Asus K50 Webcams

Record and capture video clips with the Asus webcam.

Asus K50 series laptop computers ship with an integrated webcam and webcam software that allows users to capture and record video. The Asus webcam automatically switches on when the user launches the free LifeFrame software that comes with the computer. Users can also use the webcam to video chat with friends and contacts on instant messaging and chat services, and on social networks and email services that offer video chatting. Use the webcam on an Asus K50 laptop computer by launching the LifeFrame application from the computer's Start menu.


1. Choose "Start" on the desktop taskbar; then select "All Programs."

2. Click the "Asus" or "Asus Utility" folder in the All Programs list. Double-click the "LifeFrame" icon to open the program.

3. Click the video camera icon button in the bottom left of the LifeFrame program window. The webcam's video output will now open in the main program window.

4. Click the circular "Capture" button with the right-facing arrow logo to capture and record the output of the webcam. Click the circular "Stop" button to stop recording the video.

5. Play the captured video clip by clicking the thumbnail video image in the pane on the right-hand side of the LifeFrame program window. You can also email the captured video file or upload it to your blog, website or favorite social networking site.

6. Launch your instant messaging or chat application, or open your Web browser and go to your online chat or instant messaging service. Click the "Video" or "Video Chat" button or link while you're chatting to a contact to start a video chat session. The application will automatically detect the Asus webcam and activate the camera.

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