Thursday, 4 September 2014

Install Sound Drivers On A Windows Pc

Sound device drivers are used to process and send the audio from a computer through a sound card or on-board audio to speakers or other output devices. A sound driver is software that is installed on the Windows operating system based on the manufacturer or the on-board audio or sound card that is used on the computer. Installing sound device drivers can be done by following steps to get the software setup on a computer correctly.


1. Find out which type of audio device is used on the computer. Click on the Start button and then select the Control Panel. Double click on the icon for Sound and Audio Devices. You can also refer to the manual that came with the computer or motherboard.

2. Install the software that came a new sound card. When a new sound card has been added to a computer the installation CD needs to be run to setup the device drivers on the system. Insert the CD into the drive and complete all required steps to install the software.

3. Download an update to the device driver that is used for the audio or sound. Go the the vendor's website and look for a the link for downloads or driver updates. Download the driver that is needed for your system and save it to a location such as the desktop.

4. Double click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Complete each step and the updated files will be copied and installed on the system. An icon for the updated software may appear on the desktop or in the Control Panel.

5. Check for a Windows update to see if a sound driver is available to download. Go to and click on Microsoft Update under Downloads and Trials to see if there are any updates that are available.

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