Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tell If A Pc Battery Is Dead

If you buy a new computer every couple of years you may never need to replace a battery. However, after 5 years or so, you may need to purchase a new battery for your PC. Prior to the battery dying, your PC will give you signs that you need a replacement.


1. Check your clock's time. If the battery's dying, your clock time won't stay accurate. The clock will display a lag time of either minutes or hours.

2. Look for dead battery warnings. When you start up your PC, your computer checks the battery's status. If your battery is going dead, an error message will appear at the bottom of the screen.

3. Notice any lost CMOS settings. A PC battery provides the power to store important data, referred to as CMOS settings. If your battery goes bad, you'll start to lose the settings stored on your computer.

4. Attempt to boot up the PC. Eventually, your PC may no longer boot due to the dead battery. At this point, you should buy a replacement or take the machine to a computer repair shop and have a professional replace the battery.

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