Friday, 10 October 2014

Find Chipset Drivers For Vista

Back in the 1990's, you could only get drivers from the manufacturer that produced the hardware. As time passed and the Internet became much more active, Microsoft came up with a solution called Windows Update, which kept up to date with most hardware manufacturers. Shortly after, Microsoft made Windows Vista, which integrated Windows Update into the operating system. This makes things even more convenient for the average home user.


1. Go to the Start menu.

2. Go to "All Programs." The menu can be found near the bottom of the Start menu.

3. Navigate down until you see "Internet Explorer" and click on the item. You should use Internet Explorer to open Windows Update even if you normally use another browser to see web pages.

4. On Internet Explorer's address bar, write the URL of Microsoft Update's website ( If the website prompts you to install something, go ahead and install it.

5. Click the button labeled "Custom" once you are at the page that says "Keep your computer up to date" near the top.

6. Wait for Windows Update to finish searching for updates appropriate for your computer. This might take anywhere between a couple of seconds to some minutes, so do not worry if it starts taking too long. It is communicating with your computer, and you might have to wait a while, especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

7. Click "Hardware, Optional" on the table to the left with links if you didn't find your chipset manufacturer's drivers on the high priority updates shown to you by default.

8. Search for your chipset manufacturer's drivers and select it when you find it.

9. Click on "Review and install updates" above the list of updates to go to the screen where you will find the updates and drivers that you have selected.

10. Click the button on top of the selected updates labeled "Install Updates".

11. Wait patiently while the updates are being downloaded. They will also be installed automatically for you. You might also have to restart your computer, depending on what you installed.

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