Monday, 27 October 2014

Find My Agp Slot

Find My AGP Slot

Though the AGP slot is now obsolete, quite a number of computers still have them. Even today, AGP cards are still on the market and can provide a reasonably decent upgrade for any of the older computers that can use them.

There are a couple variations on the AGP port. There is the standard AGP slot and there is AGP Pro. While AGP Pro cards won't fit in the standard slot, standard cards will fit into either.


1. Shutdown your computer.

2. Unplug all of the devices connected to the computer. This includes: power, video, USB devices, audio, etc.

3. Place the computer on a flat surface, with the left side of the case facing down. The bank of ports built into the motherboard should be closest to the bottom and the left.

4. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that fasten the side cover.

5. Slide the cover off the case.

6. Looking down into the case, you should see the motherboard, with the CPU to the left.

7. On the opposite side of the motherboard from the CPU, you should see a row of slots (typically white). These are PCI slots. Just to the left of them you should see a slot that is slightly offset towards the front of the case from the other slots. This slot is typically brown, though it may sometimes be purple. This slot is your AGP slot.

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