Friday, 3 October 2014

Find The Part Number For My Toshiba Laptop

Find the Part Number for My Toshiba Laptop

Before performing repairs or making upgrades to your Toshiba laptop, it's helpful to be able to identify the part number. Usually, computer makers use parts from several outside vendors to make the whole unit, thus the need for a universally recognized numbering system such as a part number. If you have exhausted all other means of finding the part number, such as looking on the bottom of your laptop, there is a way to find the number. Toshiba has a utility preinstalled on virtually all its laptops, called the PC Diagnostic Tool, which will easily display your part number on your screen.


1. Turn on computer. Start by booting up your Toshiba laptop. Depending on how your computer is configured, you may have to log in in with your Windows username and password. After logging in, allow your programs to initialize.

2. Find PC Diagnostic Tool in Start Menu. Locate your Start Menu. It will usually show as the Microsoft Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner along with the word Start, depending on your operating system.

In All Programs, find a folder labeled Toshiba. Within that folder there should be a subfolder labeled Utilities. In the Utilities folder you should see the application called PC Diagnostic Tool. Click it to open the application.

3. Locate the part number. Once the PC Diagnostic Tool dialog window is up, there should be two tabs, Basic Information and Diagnostic Tool. If the Basic Information tab is not already displayed at the forefront, then click it.

Displayed on the left under the Item column is the label Part Number, and the actual number is listed next to that under the column labeled Result.

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