Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Install A Speaker On A Jbl Sound System

Installing speakers onto a sound system is easy.

Installing a speaker on a JBL sound system may seem daunting, especially when that system has the possibility of having more than one speaker installed to it. However, installing a speaker on a JBL sound system is easy, and doesn't require you to pull out a manual or contact the JBL technical support team.


1. Figure out if the speaker you have in your hand will be the right side speaker or left side speaker. This is important, especially if your JBL sound system has surround sound capabilities. Not all speakers will be clearly marked "left" or "right" because some of them can be used interchangeably. If the speaker you have is not marked, choose whether you want it to be a left or right speaker.

2. Connect the cable which comes from the speaker into the appropriate location on the JBL Sound system. The appropriate location will be marked by the words "Speaker Output" and either "Left" or "Right." Different sound systems have different types of cable. Some split into two RCA like cables which are round and colored red and white while others are square-like with two round plugs. If you have the latter, then simply insert the plug into the designated outlet so that the square part is facing upwards. If you have the former, then insert the red plug into the red outlet and the white plug into the white outlet.

3. If you have the second speaker, install this speaker in the same way in which you installed the first speaker but in the opposite designation. For example, if your first speaker was the left speaker, and you connected into the speaker outlet -- left, then this speaker should be connected into the speaker outlet -- right.

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